Petroleum coke calcining Unit

1.jpgPetroleum coke calcining unit was put into operation in 1989. Technological process of petroleum coke calcining is intended for receiving calcinated coke conforming to requirements by removal from crude petroleum coke of volatile components and moisture.

The project of import unit of petroleum coke calcining is executed by the “Mannesmann” firm  (Germany) and the “VNIPIneft” institute, Moscow.

General designer is “Azgiproneftekhim” institute, Baku.

Productivity is 140 thousand tons per year on crude coke. Yield is calcined coke. During calcination there is a complete removal of moisture and volatile matter, seeming and real density  increases, electrical conductivity and mechanical density increases .

Coke calcining is carried out in the drum rotating furnace with length 59,5 m long, diameter 3,6m.,established at an angle of 4,17 0. Stay time (1-1,5 hours) is defined by the speed of rotation of the drum (0,6-1,2 rpm).

The furnace of calcination works by a counterflow principle – coke moves towards to a stream of gases, which are formed as a result of burning of fuel, volatile products and waste of materials.

Coke calcining is carried out at the temperature of 950 - 1300 C.

  • a zone of drying and heating up to 600 C;

  • a zone of heating and separation of volatile matters  - 600 - 950 C;

  • calcining zone 950 - 1300 0C.

Quality coke calcining depends on length of the calcining zone, maximum temperature in the furnace and time spent of material in it.

Acceptable performance is defined by terms of providing established efficiency of calcination coke by values of the actual density of not less than 2.02 g / cm3  and not more than 2.09 g / cm3 at the selected temperature heating mode and it is set by dosing of raw coke.

Flue gases from the calcination furnace with the temperature of 800-1300 C come via a camera to the afterburning furnace,  where afterburning of volatile matter and coke dust occurs, then it come to the copper utilizer.

Heat of the gas flow is used to produce steam by the  Cooled flue gases are discharged through  the chimney with height of 120 m into the atmosphere. pressure of 2.0 MPa.