Holidays for children

1.jpgCreation of conditions for proper rest, health promotion and stirring life of employees’ children during the holidays contributes to the positive attitude to work, their greater impact in the labor market. For this purpose organization of children leisure in the camps of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS in the summer and winter periods is held by the company. The factory makes full payment of tour price and location. Every year, more than three hundred children go to the camps in Kokshetau, Almaty and the Black Sea coast in Anapa (Russia). About 100 children per year have rest in Almaty camps from trade union organization funds. These places such as the recreation complex "Sunkar" in s.Zerendy, Akmola region, "Children's health-improving half year camp "Caucasus" JSC in Anapa, Russian Federation), educational and health complex «Tau-kunі" in Almaty.

Since 2012, winter holidays for employees' children is organized. The children greeted New Year and had a winter vacation in the "Samal" health resort in Almaty, where in addition to participation in a cultural program, they get a variety of therapeutic and wellness treatments.

In addition, every year Christmas parties with theatrical productions are held for workers’ children in the best Palaces of Culture of the city.

Children center

Care of children - one of the aspects of our activities. The growing amount of working mothers in the Republic of Kazakhstan is extremely raises the question of the kindergartens centers. The factory has its own children's center №45 was created for factory workers’ children of the preschool age and is preparing them for the state program for the school.

Center is a place of full-stay, early preschool education and development of children, guarantying of the quality education of children and preparation them for grade school. Profitable conditions are created here: a rich material base, playgrounds for children, friendly atmosphere, comfort and cosiness. Highly qualified educators, creative people works with children, giving their knowledge, skills and love. Teachers of the center engaged with the children in fine arts, music, rhythm, exercise, valeology,  provide the basis of the economy in the older groups, study Kazakh language to Russian learning groups, Russian language to Kazakh language learning groups. Children's center is the first center, operating on the international program «Step by step», which enables teachers to reveal the unique abilities of each child in Atyrau. Studying on these programs, children are released to school prepared and have shown good results for admission to grammar school, high-school classes and high schools. Pupils become winners of regional and city sports and intellectual contests, "Aygөlek" children's art festival not the first year..

2.jpgChildren staying for 12 hours is provided. Purposefully to strengthen children’s health, a protection of children's health and life, a full 4-course meal and a clear regime of the day was put the work.

In July  2012 the new building with 110 sites to the children's center, where earlier up 250 children were studying and now here 360 ​​children are taken into operation. A total amount of groups is 17, including 10 groups with Kazakh language learning and 7 groups with Russian in the center. The teachers work with higher and secondary special pedagogical education. Groups are fully equipped, according to the sanitary norms and rules. Center workers are constantly improving their educational level, visiting the innovative training programs, professional skills improvement courses. It must be noted that Atyrau Refinery - the only company in the city, which has its own preschool departmental, and it is considered rightfully the best institution in the region. This fact was indicative of other companies.