Delayed Coker Unit


Delayed coker unit in unheated chambers of 21-10 / 6 type is designed by the “Bashgiproneftekhim” (Ufa), binding to off-plot facilities is made by the “AzGiproNeftekhim” (Baku).

The unit is intended to produce coke from heavy refining residues (tar, fuel oil), which is  raw material  in electrodes production for aluminum industry. 

Delayed coker unit was put into operation in 1980.

Annual design capacity of the unit for raw material is 600 thousand tons per year and unit provides production of 120 thousand tons of coke per year, including 54 thousand tons per year of electrode coke. Projects  number of working days in a year – is 300.

As a result of modernization the unit capacity for raw material is increased to 720 thousand tons per year. The number of working days is increased to 335.

In addition oil products is produced at the unit:

  • wet gas, used as a fuel on technological objects of the refinery;

  • coking gasoline;

  • light gas oil;

  • heavy gas oil.

The unit consists of following main blocks:

  • cold pump station, designed for pumping petroleum products with temperature up to 200 ° C;

  • hot pump station, designed for pumping  petroleum products with temperature above 200 ° C;  

  • the block of columns, consisting of fractionation column, steam-stripping column and stabilization column,

  • block of furnaces, consisting of 4 furnaces, two of which are used to heat primary raw materials and two are used to heat secondary raw materials;

  • reactor block, consisting of 4 reactors, operating in pairs, and support equipment; 

  • block of boilers-utilizers, designed to produce steam for technological needs by the heat of flue gases of furnaces;

  • operator and electric substation, designed to provide equipment with electricity and to control technological processes;

  • block of raw coke transport to silos for its storage and shipment by  railway transport to consumers;

Six main technological flows involves in  manufacturing process at the delayed coker unit:

  • raw materials for the unit - tar, fuel oil (residual of oil refining);

  • total coke from unit;

  • a component of gasoline from unit (fraction of BP-180 ° C), coming to gasoline blending;

  • light gasoil fraction from unit (fraction 170-360 ° C),  used for preparation of furnace fuel;

  • heavy coker distillate (fraction above 360 ° C), involved in oil as the component of boiler fuel;

  • wet coker gas, used as the fuel at furnaces of the DCU and the PCCU with preliminary treatment  from hydrogen sulfide and  direction of the fuel through the GFU to fuel  network of the refinery.

The unit is provided with raw material from the raw Park №38 with a reserve of raw materials, designed for operation of the unit within 2 days (2 vertical steel tanks 2,000 m3, 2 tank-  1000 m 3).

Gasoline, as a product of the unit, is stored in the intermediate storage park №8 for storage of gasoline coke (2 vertical steel tanks 2,000 m3 each).