Gas-Reagent Unit

УГРХ.jpgGas-reagent unit is intended for following purposes:

  • collecting and distribution of fuel gas to technological installations of the refinery;

  • collecting, certification and pumping of liquefied gases (a stable head of the LG unit and cleared liquefied petroleum gas from section of amine cleaning KU GBD in the park of liquefied hydrocarbonic gases (LHG) with  subsequent transfer to the park of the “Standartgaz” LLP);

  • discharge of liquefied gases (mix of  propane-butane technical), imported;

  • discharge, storage, preparation of solutions of a sodium hydroxide of necessary concentrations and distribution of prepared solutions to technological installations;

  • processing gasoline of the ELOU-AT-2, DCU and kerosene – gasoil fraction of the ELOU-AVT-3 by the sodium hydroxide.

  • ensuring the LG-35-11/300-95 unit (catalytic reforming) with the sodium hydroxide during regeneration;

  • ensuring the gasoline isomerization unit of the KU GBD with the sodium hydroxide for neutralization of flue gases of stabilization;

Production object consist of following blocks:

  • block of distribution of fuel gases (the project of the "Badger" firm, USA, 1945);

  • block of liquefied hydrocarbonic gases (the PTO project of the refinery  441 (the Guryev refinery), 1995);

  • block of liquefied gases discharge (the project “Giproazneft”, Baku, 1965);

  • block of discharge , storage and distribution of the sodium hydroxide for technological installations of the refinery.

  • block of gasoline alkalinization of the ELOU-AT-2  and kerosene – gasoil fraction of the ELOU-AVT-3.

In 2009 gas-reagent unit is integrated into the technological scheme of the ELOU-AT-2, control of the block of distribution of fuel gases is transferred to microprocessor control by the distributed control system (DCS) Tsentum-3000 (Japan).