Goals and objectives

Labor protection and industrial safety


1. To continuously improve the labor protection, IS, using the experience and achievements of the best companies in the country and abroad, and all measures of prevention and preventive maintenance at all levels of governance.

To set goals for a year for the  following indicators:

  • accidents in the workplace - 0;

  • road accidents - 0;

  • occupational diseases - 0;

  • accidents - 0;

  • fires - 0;

  • incidents - reduce by 25% compared to 2013

2. To continue works on introduction of a system of early detection of fire (3rd stage) at the technological units of the CU GDH, DCU.


1.      Development and verification of a set of measures to obtain quotas for greenhouse gas emissions. To perform an annual inventory of greenhouse gas sources for implementation of economic mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol. Obtaining the certificate on greenhouse gas emissions for 2014 in the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the RK.

2. The quota volume should not exceed the limit 766 604 tons of CO2 for 2014.

3. Development of the emission standards project into the environment for 2015-2017 and the program of industrial environmental control with the positive conclusions of the state ecological and sanitary-epidemiological expertise.

4. The reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere (with the limit of 10,473.28 tons / year)

  • reduction of 30% of the limit, ie, 3141.98 tons / year

  • reduction of 20% of the limit after starting of the CPA , ie, 2094.65 tons / year.

  • reduction of  discharge of pollutants with waste water (with the limit of 9481.94 tons / year)

  • reduction of 40% of the limit, ie, 3792.77 tons / year;

  • reduction of 15% of the limit after starting of the CPA, ie, 1422.29 tons / year

5. Water intake from the river Ural should not exceed the limit 9293.115 thousand m3 / year

To set indicator of water intake from the river Ural on average per day

  • not more than 13,800 m3 / day; ie decrease in water intake by 65% of the limit;

  • after starting of the CPA , not more than 19095 m3 / day; decrease in water intake by 25% of the limit;


1. Oil refining - at least 4,800 mln. tons.

2. To produce the stable catalysate with RON:

  • the start of the cycle - at least 95 points;

  • the end of the cycle of -  at least 93 points.

To produce the isomerate with RON:

  • at least 87 points

3. To ensure the production of high-octane gasoline at least 37% of the total yield.

4. To ensure the production of diesel fuels relevant environmental class K-2.

5. To ensure the reduction of light oil residue in fuel oil:

  • Electrical desalting plant Atmospheric Unit 2 (EDP AU 2) - not more than 2.5% in winter , not more than 2.0% in  summer.

  • Electrical desalting plant Atmospheric Vacuum  Unit 3 (EDP AVU 3)- not more than 3.0% in winter, not more than 2.0% in summer.

6. To ensure the selection of vacuum gas oil at the block of vacuum distillation of fuel oil at least 49% of the raw materials (fuel oil).


1. Do not exceed the intake of electric power from outside:

  • In an hour on average – 2 MW (without CPA);

2. Do not exceed the consumption of steam for "technology" on average  per month:

  • In summer period- 50 tons / hour.

  • In winter - 120 tons / hour.

3. To conduct an energy audit with development of measures to improve the energy efficiency of the refinery.

4. To carry out the activities, planned for 2014, from approved "Program of energy efficiency of the “Atyrau Refinery " LLP” for 2014-2015"

Modernization and reconstruction of the existing production

1. Replacement of the air compressor  at the VCC TPS on the new type of «CAMERON»

2. Introduction of automatic frequency unloading of technological units of the refinery with a deficit of electric power.

3. Mounting of devices of overvoltage restrictions at the sections of the MDD TPS and CDP-2.

4. Introduction of modern means of protection from arc short circuit at the sections 6 kV CDP-1.

5. To perform modernization of the existing park of pumping equipment of the installations of EDP AVU and EDP AU 2 PORDD.

6. To complete the construction of automatic portal wash for buses and trucks.

7. To complete the reconstruction of the petroleum coke calcining unit in order to increase its capacity to 178 thousand tons / year of raw material.

8. To complete the development of the working projects for reconstruction of the objects of workshop №8 and start practical implementation, including:

  • Reconstruction of mechanical treatment facilities (MTF) with introduction of advanced technology,

  • Construction of desalination and cooling unit of biologically purified waste water at the  BWTU,

  • Construction of the cooling tower at the wastewater treatment facilities of the DCU and proceed to the beginning of practical implementation from 4th quarter

9. To complete the construction of the checkpoint at the post №10A.

Capital construction of the new production

1. Completion of construction of two tanks on the object "Trade park of diesel fuel and objects of integration “Unit of chemical water treatment "" Flare unit "”.

2. Completion of construction of two technological units (CCR, PX), as well as objects OF.

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