Водоблок (3).jpgPurpose of the “Waterblock-2” unit – is providing the temperature cooling condition on installations of the refinery by preparation of circulating water from technological units of the refinery. Initial raw material at the waterblock is circulating water from technological installations (circulating water) and fresh water (make-up) from the main collector the Water intake and cleared water (make-up) from the BOS  unit.

Design and estimate documentation of the Waterblock-2 is developed by the design institute “Giproazneft” and it was put into operation in 1969. Design productivity of the unit – is 3,0 thousand m3/hour.

The unit "Waterblock-2" includes: distributive cameras of pos. 129/1, petroseparators of pos. 129/2, capacity for collecting the caught oil product of pos. 129/7, pump (buried) for pumping of oil product of pos.129/8, the silt capacity, the pool of warm water of pos. 129/3, pump warm and cold water of pos. 129/5, pool of cold water of pos. 129/4; water-cooling tower (five-section and three-section) pos. 129/6; operator, located in the general building with pump of pos. 129/5.

Following systems of circulating water supply are provided:

  • The I system – for cooling of the equipment, heat exchangers, pumps of the ELOU-AVT, LG units.

  • The II system – for cooling of the equipment, centrifugal compressors, piston compressors, drives of pumps of the LG, UPTA units;

  • The III system – for cooling of reactors, heat exchangers, pumps of the DCU, UPNK unit.

Hot water of the Ist and the III-rd systems comes to the distributive 2nd section camera.

Purpose of the camera – to provide uniform distribution of water on three sections of a petroseparator. Hot water from the distributive camera arrives on the petroseparator by uniform stream.

Petroseparator of the pos. 129/2 – serves to separate oil products and mechanical impurity from recycled water. The oil product, caught from the petroseparator of the pos. 129/2, gravitates to the oil-gathering capacity of the pos. 129/7. There are three five-section and two three-section water-cooling towers on the Waterblock – 2

For water cooling, each section is equipped with suction fan VG-50. For the best cooling and the best distribution of an air stream, each section in the lower part is divided into compartments by slate partitions. For uniform supply of hot water, each section is equipped with the water-dividing system, consisting of the system of horizontal pipes and uniformly distributed on the area of the section of waterspray nozzles. For the best cooling of water there is a sprinkler, consisting of blocks of sprinklers from prisms of PR-50 and of blocks of the film sprinkler from PVH. There are watercatchers from PVH for reduction of outflow of water from the water-cooling tower.

Cooled water with the temperature not more than 29 C from the water-cooling tower of pos. 129/6 gravitates to the pool of cold water of pos. 129/4 and moves through recycled systems by pumps of cold water.

Multifunctional organic water-soluble corrosion inhibitor the bactericide Dodigen WS-180, which provides a high protective effect against various metals and alloys, contributes to lower deposition of salts, is strong bactericide and the bactericide Dodigen WS-180 is supplied for additional charging in order to remove bacteria and to protect against corrosion in water rotation system of cooling in the system of fresh water supply.