The list of services for refining of crude oil and (or) gas condensate

In accordance with the passport of production, approved 30.05.2012 the main activity of the "Atyrau Refinery" LLP is the oil refining on fuel option. Installed capacity for oil refining taking into account modernization and reconstruction of the company is 4,906 million tons / year. The performance of each unit is determined depending on loading of raw materials and assortment, processed oil.

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for regulation of the natural monopolies  dated December 27, 2012 №48, price level of the "Atyrau refinery" LLP for refining of crude oil was approved in the amount of 11 807.6 tenge per 1 ton (without VAT 12%) from 1 January 2013  .

Types of oil products, produced at the "Atyrau Refinery" LLP

1. Motor gasolineA-80 (80 RON) TS 38.001165-2003 "Export motor gasolines. Technical specifications"

2. Motor gasoline A-92 (92RON) TS 38.001165-2003 "Export motor gasolines. Technical Specifications"

3. Motor gasoline Premium 95 GOST 51105-97 "Fuels for internal combustion engines. Unleaded gasoline. Technical specifications"

4. Diesel fuel L-0,2-40 GOST 305-82 "Diesel fuels. Technical specifications"

5. Diesel fuel 3-0.2 -35 GOST 305-82 "Diesel fuels. Technical specifications"

6. Diesel fuel clean DLECH, DZECH TS 38.1011348-2003 "Clean diesel fuel. Technical specifications"

7. Diesel fuel with the additive DZp - 15 STO 11605031-021-2008 "Winter and arctic diesel fuels with additives"

8. Jet fuel TS-1 GOST 10227-86 "Jet fuels. Technical specifications"

9. White spirit GOST 3134-78 "White spirit. Technical specifications"

10. Domestic heating fuel TS 38.101656-2005 "Domestic heating fuel. Technical specifications"      

11. Fuel oil of the brand 100 GOST 10585-99 "Oil fuel. Fuel oil. Technical specifications"

12. Vacuum gas oil of the brand A type 1 TS 381011304-2004 "Vacuum gas oil. Technical specifications"

13. Hydrocarbon gas GOST 20448-90 "Gases hydrocarbon liquefied fuel for communal and domestic consumption. Technical specifications"

14. Petroleum coke calcined KP-1, KP-2 TS 38.1011341-90 "Calcined petroleum cokes. Technical specifications"

15. Total petroleum coke for aluminum industry TS 0258-094-0151806-94 "Total petroleum coke for aluminum industry. Technical specifications"

16. Technical gas granulated sulfur ST TOO 40319154-01-2008 " Technical gas granulated sulfur. Technical specifications"

Planned oil products:

  • Benzene

  • Paraxylene

Additional materials:

  • Application for the provision of services for refining of crude oil and (or) gas condensate

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