House Construction

1.jpgConstruction and commissioning of houses are implemented with own funding of the refinery. So, over the past twenty years, residential houses were built:

In 1992 - 50-apartment house in the neighborhood "Avangard";

In 1995 - 27-apartment house in the neighborhood "Privokzalnyi";

60-apartment house in a Residential town;


In 1996 - 100-apartment house in the neighborhood "Builder" and 40-apartment house on the street Sharipov; 

In 2000 - 72-apartment house on the street Moldagaliev;

In 2006 - 80-apartment house on the street  Auezov and 72-apartment house in a Residential town;

In 2009 – cottage town of 40 houses;

In 2012 - 80-apartment house in a Residential town.


Hundreds of refinery workers have improved their living conditions during this period. Apartments and cottage are purchased by refinery workers on favorable conditions for them.