Complex for Production of Aromatic hydrocarbons

Main technological units  of the CPA

КПА-PX.jpgSection 600: Unit of prefractionation of xylols "Eluxyl": 

The process of "Eluxyl" based on the imitated counterflow adsorption, transformation of toluene and aromatic C9+ to the equilibrium mix of xylols and benzene for a purpose of receiving a paraxylene of high purity.

Section 650: Unit of isomerization of xylols - «Xymax»:

The process XyMax is based on the technology with a double layer of catalyst:

  • in the top layer of catalyst there is a dealkylation of ethyl benzene and conversion of nonaromatic hydrocarbons;

  • in the second layer – isomerization of xylols

Section 700: Unit of transalkylation of toluene - «TransPlus»:

The "TransPlus" process works with a low pressure wh ere there is a transformation of toluene and aromatic hydrocarbons C9+  to the equilibrium mix of xylol and benzene for the purpose of enrichment by xylols of the fraction supplied to the section of prefractionation of xylols "Eluxyl".