Social Support

1.jpg Social policy of the organization is aimed at stabilize the workforce and care about each employee. The partnership provides to  employee benefits and compensation, which are included in the extensive social package, according to the "Regulation of social support of  workers  of  "Atyrau Refinery" LLP”, main of which are:

  • expenses to hot meal,  based on the cost of a complex meal and the list of workers on  hazardous industries, who are eligible for hot meals;

  • short-term vacation with a monthly salary saving in connection with the marriage of the worker, in the case of death of close relatives - duration of 3 working days;
  • healthcare of workers includes a program of health insurance (sickness insurance), health center maintenance at the refinery, the purchase of medicines for first aid kits in the workshops of the refinery. Health insurance at the funds, which are allocated in the budget of the Association,  are provided to  workers and one of their family members (husband / wife, children and parents of the employee's , parents of spouse / a - optional) in an order, established by the insurance contract;
  • 2.jpg
  • payment of allowance to  refinery workers with children of preschool age (from 2 years to full 6);
  • workers, who study at higher educational institutions, postgraduate, doctorate without discontinuing work, provided additional holiday with pay for a period of exams, preparation and  presentation of the degree project (work), dissertations, duration up to 40 days a year on the job;
  • every child of employee has the opportunity to relax in the health camp in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS during the summer holidays, and the full payment is made for tour price and transit during the year.
  • monthly allowance to women who, are on leave without pay for the care of children up to 1.5 years;
  • lump benefit at retirement;
  • jubilee - when the employee of the company  is 50 years of age, 60 years;
  • 3.jpgfinancial assistance for funeral, burial services in the case of death of an employee or a family member, compensation to employee of transit outside of the area in both ways for the funeral of a family member;

  • delivery of workers to and from work and home, and others.

In 2006, 140 factory workers have improved their living conditions, when in-built apartment houses are provided. Forty workers have purchased  homes on preferential terms in 2008.


4.jpg As one of the forming enterprises, "Atyrau Refinery"  LLP for several years, pays great attention to charity and takes an active part in the social life of the region. The Partnership has always committed to the principles of "open doors", care, social responsibility, humanism and transparent partnership In this area. An important direction of charitable activities of "Atyrau Refinery" LLP is to support the activities of organizations of veterans, the disabled, orphanages and centers, other non-profit organizations of social sphere, including address help to socially vulnerable groups of the population (families with many children, orphans, the poor, destitute in treatment).

The funds are allocated in accordance with the approved budget of the Partnership for a certain year. According to the item "Sponsorship and charity" free material aid has been rendered to the regional and city councils of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Labour, urban society of blind and deaf, societies of disabled people, orphanages, and the other address help.

Considering the need to enhance social and economic support to poor  in market conditions, and within the framework of realization of regional and state programs , in the future refinery  will intend to pursue the implementation aid programs  of sponsorship and charity, considering the real capabilities of the enterprise.