Health Insurance Program

1.jpgHealth protection of Partnership employees includes voluntary medical insurance of employees in case of illness. Due to insurance company employees have the opportunity to ask for help and receive the necessary treatment in leading medical institutions of Kazakhstan. Insurance covers employees and one of their family members (husband / wife, children and parents of an employee's or parents of a spouse - optional) in the manner prescribed in the insurance contract.

Health insurance program includes:

  • 24-hour communication with a dispatching service, coordination of a state of health through the CALL - Center;

  • Outpatient and polyclinic care (all instrumental and laboratory examinations and treatment in a clinic of a Medical Company and in authorized clinics on emergency and  medical indications);

  • Emergency ambulance (call of a brigade, emergency medical care, transport of a patient to hospital, medical control during patient transportation, the provision of assistance for the period of a full working month, on weekends and holidays);
  • Inpatient treatment (treatment of basic and accompanying diseases, treatment and examination on medical indications);

  • Services of nurses in a clinic and at home (in/m, in/v, subcutaneous injections, blood samples) - day hospital;

  • fluorography (once a year in the workplace);

  • mandatory periodic medical examination (according to the Government decision of the RK №166 dated 25.01.2012, once a year);

  • Vaccination (preventive measures on  the prevention of influenza disease, 1 times a year in  the workplace);

  • Mandatory preliminary medical examination (according to the Government decision of the RK №166 dated 25.01.2012, in hiring);
  • Management of pregnancy and childbirth for employees of the company;

  • coverage of treatment in the Russian Federation, only for an employee and attached children under 18 years of age;

  • Dental services and medicines for outpatient treatment (prescription).