1.jpgFor the development of staff a work  is in progress on an ongoing basis on directions:

• Industrial and technical training on labor protection and industrial safety;

• courses of study of the state and English languages;

• computer courses;

• computer-training course of senior operators of process units under the program "Distributed Control System”;

• courses of practical skills to provide a first aid at the scene using a robot simulator.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On industrial safety at hazardous production facilities" in 2010 the enterprise received "Certificate on the right of works on training, retraining, skills upgrading of workers in the field of industrial safety."

The main stages of the organization of staff training and development include:

• Definition of learning objectives in accordance with requirements of the Partnership.

• Analysis and identification of needs of training.

• Formation of the schedule of training and staff development.

• Definition of short-term and long-term goals of study.

• Developing a business plan for the training and cost forecast for coming years.

• Search and selection of training centers, negotiation and execution of contracts for training services.

• Organization of corporate training on the job, the direction of employees on training to training centers.

• Evaluating the effectiveness of training.


In order to prepare personnel to work on future complexes memorandums with the leading technical universities of Kazakhstan, such as KBTU, KazNTU named after Satpaev, Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi (Almaty), SKSU named after Auezov (Shymkent), AIOG (Atyrau) on the training of engineers, chemical engineers, technologists for work at new productions were concluded with introduction in the curriculum of specialty "Chemical technology of organic substances" questions on the technology of production of aromatic hydrocarbons and deep oil refining . Also, for students studying on the specialty "CTOS" there is the opportunity to pass all kinds of practices in industrial workshops and productions of the refinery with fixing practices of highly qualified specialists by heads. 

Interns and fellows. Under the concluded Memorandum a competitive selection from a number of  students of 3rd and 4-year with excellent academic performance of the Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas is held for the passage of pre-diploma practice as interns - operators of technological units, as well as scholars, with subsequent employment of young specialists at the refinery.

Also it assists universities and colleges of Kazakhstan in the preparation of young specialists. It is provision opportunities for internship of teachers and industrial practice of students.

3.jpg The program "Zhas maman". Since 2003, the program "Zhas maman" has been introduced at the refinery. It aims to train young specialists from a number of children of the refinery workers, on main specialties in leading technical universities of Kazakhstan and CIS.

In connection with reconstruction of the refinery, since 2012, a priority specialty – is "Chemical technology of organic substances" for the training of young specialists to work at new technological facilities of the Complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons and deep oil refining Complex.

Tuition fees and payment of monthly scholarship are made according to the results of examination sessions, all types of practices are carried out at the refinery with fixing of heads of a practice, the theme of a graduation project or work is selected in accordance with production tasks of the enterprise. At the conclusion of program young specialist is recruited on their specialty.

Adaptation program. At entry on duty, in order to adapt to a new workplace, newly hired employee is trained under the "Adaptation Program", which includes 40 hours of theoretical training and internship on the workplace with fixing of a mentor.   

Upon completion of theoretical training a new employee is tested, in accordance with results of practical internship an examination for admission to independent work is taken on the workplace.

The theoretical part of the adaptation training program includes all issues, related to the current legislative documents of the refinery, regulations, requirements of industrial safety, labor protection and safety, fire and gas safety.

Newcomers study IMS standards, environmental safety and labor law issues, learn the collective agreement of the Partnership, the Corporate Ethics Code. Also, newly hired employee is trained under the practical course of first aid methods at the scene.

Classes on adaptation program are conducted by internal trainers-teachers, instructors and mentors from a number of highly qualified professionals and technical employees of workshops, offices and refinery services.

Specialists attracted as internal trainers -teachers, instructors and mentors, participate in annual refresher course.

An additional leave with pay for a period of exams, training and protection of dissertations is provided up to 40 days a year for employees of the Partnership, studying in universities, postgraduate study, doctoral study.