Commodity Laboratory

1.jpgCommodity laboratory carries out the selection and certification of finished products for compliance with standards, Technical regulations of the Customs Union, the selection and certification of calcined coke, granulated sulfur, oil flowing through a pipeline, quality control of shipped products in rail tank car, certification tests, incoming control of oil quality, tests on technical specifications for efficiency of various depressor, octane, anti-wear, antioxidant additives, etc.
It is equipped with modern automatic devices of flow point, cloud point, limit temperature of filterability of the  French firm ISL, densitmeter, titrator of the Swiss company Mettler Toledo, titrators of the Swiss company Metrohm, units of octane number determining of the American firms Waukesha, atomic absorption spectrometer of the American firm Perkin Elmer, device with lubricity of the German firm PCS Instruments, seroanalizators of the firm Oxford etc.