Recycled Water for Cooling Towers Unit

1.jpgThe cooling tower of circulating water supply is intended to provide remounted and modified technological equipment of the ELOU AT-2, the combined unit of GBD, the unit of sulfur production, the unit of production and purification of hydrogen with cooling water.

Commissioning - February 2006.

Design of this unit and supply of the equipment are executed by the JGC Corporation. Construction are executed by the Atyrau refinery.

The cooling tower of circulating water supply consists of the following sections of the equipment:

  • Section of clarification;

  • Section of the cooling tower;

  • Section of side filters;

  • Section of input of chemical reagents.

Section of clarification is intended to remove suspended solids from the feed water of the river. Estimated discharge  is 120 m3 / h.

Section of the cooling tower is intended to cool the circulating water. Estimated consumption of circulating water is 2700 m3 / h.

Section of side filters is designed to remove suspended particles from the circulating cooling water.