Made in Kazakhstan: Atyrau Refinery started production of ALTAY-45 winter diesel oil

Atyrau Refinery has expanded the range of products. In January 2021, the plant produced the first batch of Altay-45 winter diesel fuel with a maximum pour point of minus 45˚С.

Atyrau Refinery’s gasoline complies with EU standards

The product has passed a full quality assessment procedure for chemicals and their mixtures intended for import into the European Union market, with the issuance of a REACH certificate

Atyrau Refinery transmits environmental indicators

Since October 23 of this year, data on the state of the atmospheric air, received from four controlled points of the border of the sanitary protection zone of the plant, are transmitted in a test mode every hour on the...

Benzol and paraxylene produced at Atyrau Refinery were certified to be exported to the countries of the European Union

Petrochemical products - benzol and paraxylene, produced at Atyrau Refinery, have passed the international REACH certification, and thus obtained the right to be exported to the countries of the European Union.

Production of frost-resistant diesel oil Khazar -38 began in Atyrau

Atyrau Refinery, which is part of NC KazMunayGas JSC group, has launched the production and shipment of Khazar, frost-resistant diesel fuel with a maximum filterability temperature of minus 38C.

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