Total flare system and flare system of acid gases


Total flare installation of the Atyrau Refinery was put into operation  in 2006 according to project,  carried out by the Institute of "Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas “ JSC and " Omskneftekhimproekt" JSC (Omsk). Prior to commissioning of new torches,  an old torch with height of 42 meters, which could not  ensure full dispersion on condition of operation of new objects, was used at the refinery. 

Total flare system is part of the process of production of  PNGO Atyrau Refinery" LLP . The unit is designed for  reception, distribution and burning of gaseous discharges fr om technological devices at the excess of regulated standards of technological mode, release of devices from the hydrocarbonic environment during preparation and outputs it to the repair, for the period of starting and stopping, emergency outlets and discharges  with preliminary separation of condensation and it pumping for further. Total flare unit covers all existing and new technological installations.

Following process units relate to objects covered by the system:

  • CDU-AVT-3;

  • CDU-AT-2;

  • Delayed coker unit;

  • Coke calcination unit;

  • Reforming unit (LG-35-11 / 300).

  • Combined unit (gasoline hydrotreating, gasoline  isomerisation and diesel fuel  hydrotreating/dewaxing);

  • Hydrogen purification and production unit;.

  • Gas-reagent unit;

  • Sulfur production unit.

Flare unit is located on the southeast side of the refinery. Flare trunks based on the thermal calculation is removed from each other by 160 meters. Around flare trunks there is a protected zone, fenced on perimeter at the distance with a radius of 95 m from  flare trunk.

Outside the protection zone there is a hardware  yard, wh ere there are separators, pumps, drain tank, systems of ignition and control torches. Two interchangeable flare trunks (working and  reserve) for ensuring the non-stop operation – height of each trunk is 90 meters are designed.

Also the torch trunk № 3, intended for burning of  acid gases, dumped from safety valves and adjusting valves, at emergencies at the sulfur production  installation, is the  part of knot of gases utilization.

Height of the torch trunk – is 50 meters.  All torch trunks provide full dispersion of products  of combustion irrespective of force and direction of a wind, herewith, concentration of gases doesn't exceed admissible norms, monitoring devices, installed on perimeter of torch knot, testify to it.

General flare system provides safe removal of hydrocarbonic vapors from technological installations during violation of technological mode,  emergencies and for the period of starting and stopping.