Unit of the production and purification of hydrogen


Project of hydrogen production and purification unit is developed by the “Axsia Howmar” by order of the "JGC CORPORATION” firm, Japan.

Hydrogen production and purification unit consists of two sections: sections of purification of hydrogen 78-Z-001 and section of generation (receiving) of hydrogen 78-Z-002.

General designer is “MARUBENI CORPORATION” firm, Tokyo, Japan.

Date of commissioning – is the II quarter 2006.

Hydrogen purification section 78-Z-001 is intended for purification of hydrogen-containing gas (HCG) from existing reforming of naphtha, using short-term adsorption process, carried out in six adsorbers 78-R-001 A / B / C / D / E / F.

For receiving  a product of high purity the system of adsorption with  variable pressure and motionless layer of the catalyst on technology of the “Axsia Howmar” company is used. Process is realized on the basis of repeating cycles with main stages of adsorption and regeneration.

Sequence of switching adsorbers alternates through programmable logic controller (PLC) with dual redundant, supplied by the «Axsia Howmar» company.

PLC also carries out supervision over appropriate function of the block of short-term adsorption by pressure.

Control of technological process is exercised according to schemes, formed by distributing control system (DCS), including system of automatic control of productivity of the unit and control system of coefficient of fuel-air mix.

Systems, which are a part of management of the section of hydrogen purification, automatically regulate control settings of short-term adsorption by pressure at change of an expense of raw materials, and available system of antiemergency protection (AEP) carries out technological shutdown of the section of hydrogen purification at achievement of parameters of blocking settings.

Amount of received productional hydrogen after purification –is  11057 m3/h.

The section of generation (receiving) of hydrogen 78-Z-002 is intended for receiving synthetic gas (mix of crude gaseous hydrogen) from gas mix (oil gas, hydrogen) by a catalytic steam reforming, and it also includes following processes:

  • hydrogenation of organic sulfur and subsequent absorption of hydrogen sulfide from initial raw materials;

  • conversion of carbon monoxide;

  • heat utilization and steam production;

  • cooling the process gas before it feeding to the node of short-term adsorption by pressure (SAP);

  • purification of synthetic gas (synthesis gas) after the furnace 78-F-001 of the section of hydrogen generation  78-Z-002 by method of short-term adsorption by pressure (SAP) in five adsorbers 78-R-004 A/B/C/D/E/, and also use of flue gases after short-term adsorption by pressure as fuel gas.

Amount of received productional hydrogen after synthetic gas purification –is  5615 m3/h.

Gross productivity of the unit of hydrogen purification and production is 16672 m3 / h of purified high purity hydrogen (99.9%).