Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Atyrau Refinery Modernisation Project, Atyrau region, Kazakhstan

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Document title Atyrau Refinery Modernisation Project, Atyrau region, Kazakhstan
Document subtitle Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Datae 3 June 2021
Version 1.0


This document is a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (hereinafter referred to as “SEP” or “Plan”) of the planned modernisation of the wastewater treatment facilities at the Atyrau Refinery LLP (“the Company”), remediation of the existing wastewater discharge channel and evaporation fields (“the Project”) located in Atyrau region, Kazakhstan.

The Project is categorised as “B” in accordance with the EBRD Environmental and Social Policy (2014).

The SEP is a “living” document and will be updated along with the Project development reflecting needs for and specific of further engagement with stakeholders.

The SEP describes the mechanisms by which people – especially local communities – and other stakeholders1 are informed about the Project and given opportunities to provide comments and input to the Project development.

In line with the international standards, the main purpose of this SEP is therefore to:

  • Explain to directly affected population and other interested stakeholders and members of the public which Project Documents are available and where/how this information can be obtained; and
  • Describe the process by which the stakeholders (e.g. vulnerable groups, NGOs, etc.) can provide comments and input, communicate opinions, ask questions and express concerns;


The Atyrau refinery LLP is a subsidiary of KazMunaiGaz JSC and a largest oil refinery plant in Kazakhstan with crude oil refining capacity of 5.5 million tons per year. The refinery is located in the south-east part of the Atyrau city in the Atyrau Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Figure 1).

The refinery consists of the following main territories:

  • main site of 235,8 ha;
  • two flare facility sites located 300 – 500 m in south and south-east direction from the main site;
  • landfill site of 12.25 ha located in 8 km north-east of the main refinery site;
  • water intake facility of 0.4 ha located at the Ural River in 2.2 km north-west from the main site;
  • evaporation fields of 860 ha located 3 km north-east of the main site.