Reconstruction of the workshop №8

The purpose of the reconstruction of the workshop №8 is increase of the performance of water supply and sanitation systems of the refinery, to the level which allows to provide uninterrupted operation of the existing production of the refinery, as well as newly constructed facilities of the CPA and the DRC. Therefore, on March 19, 2012 the Technical Council of the "Atyrau Refinery" LLP was held, where the decision of the technical audit of the workshop №8 was adopted in order to determine the volumes of required reconstruction with an estimate of the development costs of the project and to execute the works on each project. Technical audit has identified problems and ways of its solutions have been proposed. Suggestions were considered at the technical meeting of the refinery dated 05.11.2013 and the decision on their inclusion in the investment program "Atyrau Refinery" LLP for 2012 – 2016 was adopted.

Suggestions include:

1. The project "Reconstruction of the unit of Mechanical treatment facilities" - Developer – is JSC «Poligram»
The main objective of the project is reconstruction of the unit of Mechanical treatment facilities (MTF) in order to increase its capacity from 500 m³ / h up to 700 m³ / h, in connection with the construction of complexes for production of aromatic hydrocarbons (CPA) and deep oil refining (DRC) and provision of the required quality of wastewater for subsequent biological treatment.

The working draft provides:
  • Maximum use of existing tanks and equipment
  • Two parallel working lines of treatment, capacity of 350 m³ / h each, with the ability to disable one of the waste water treatment lines, depending on the volume of incoming wastewater for repairs.
  • Exclusion of open containers with oil products (reduction of mirrors).
2. The project "Construction of the unit of desalination and cooling of the treated wastewater from the unit BWTU" developer – is LLP «RBM Sweco Productions»
The main objective of the project is to ensure the needs of the units of refinery in make-up water of proper quality, as well as reduction of water intake from the "Ural" river by 40%.

The working draft provides:
  • Modernization of aero tanks with the possibility of passing the denitrification process.
  • Designing of the desalination unit with two technological branches with the total capacity of 700 m3 / h.
  • Return to the production of 80% of treated wastewater. 

3. The project "Construction of the cooling tower at the wastewater treatment facilities of the DCU of the workshop №5» - Developer – is JSC «Poligram».

The main objective of the project is the construction of the cooling tower at the unit of treatment facilities of the DCU for cooling and re-uses of treated water in the technological cycle of the DCU reactors.

The working draft provides:

Minimizing of water discharges at the treatment facilities of the workshop №8 and reduction of circulating water losses that is realized through the use of water recycling systems. Lowering the temperature of the water will lead to the normal operation of treatment facilities of the DCU, which also minimizes the concentration of pollutants in the discharged waste water into the sanitation

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