The ceremony of the beginning of commissioning at a complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons

A national teleconference within an Industrialization Day in "Atyrau Refinery" LLP  a ceremony of the beginning of commissioning at a complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons took place.

Representatives  of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SWF “Samruk-Kazyna", Akimat of Atyrau region, JSC NC "KazMunayGas, "KazMunaiGaz – Refining and Marketing" JSC and others participated in the ceremony.

The complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons (CPA) is constructed within realization of the State program of forced industrial - innovative development (SPFIID) for 2010-2014.

The CPA project provides realization of two main technological objects: catalytic reforming unit with continuous regeneration of catalyst and benzene extraction unit and installation of production of aromatic hydrocarbons.

The complex can be operated in two modes: fuel – for a purpose of production of high-octane components for preparation of high-octane commodity gasoline (RON-92, RON– 95, RON – 98); petrochemical – for production of aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene – 133 thousand tons/year and paraxylene-496 thousand tons/year), which will become a basic raw material for petrochemical industry.

Benzene and paraxylene – are popular products of oil refining, which are raw material for release of a huge range of petrochemical production, including receiving kapron, plastics and plastic fibers, and others.

During the ceremony, a general director of the “Atyrau Refinery” LLP Kairat Urazbayev reported to the President about the beginning of commissioning at the complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons.

“We turn to starting tests of installations. This is our contribution to provision of the country with oil products, conforming to requirements of ecological classes K-3. At realization of this project a harmful effect on environment will decrease due to use of automobile gasoline with a low content of benzene,” –said Kairat Urazbaev.  A licensor of technologies is a French company «Axens», which is one of the world leaders in the field of licensing of technologies for refineries and petrochemical plants.

More than 4500 workers were involved in construction of the CPA, during operation more than 160 new workplaces will be created.



"Atyrau Refinery» LLP: An owner of share - 99.5% is "KazMunaiGaz – Refining and Marketing" JSC. "KazMunaiGaz – Refining and Marketing" JSC – is 100% subsidiary of JSC NC "KazMunayGas".

JSC National Company “KazMunayGas "- is the Kazakhstan  national operator for exploration, production, refining and transportation of hydrocarbons. 100 percent of shares of JSC NC "KazMunayGas" are owned by «Sovereign wealth fund “Samruk-Kazyna " JSC.

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