Invitation to Partnership

Invitation to Partnership
to participate in the investment and construction of a 154 MW GTPP in Kazakhstan
Atyrau city for the needs of AOR LLP

1. About AOR LLP

Atyrau Oil Refinery (AOR LLP) is one of the three leading oil refineries in Kazakhstan. The design processing capacity is 5.5 million tons per year, the refining depth is up to 86.4%.

The owner of the refinery is NC KazMunayGas JSC (99%).

The company produces over 20 (including markings) names of commodity petroleum products: liquefied petroleum gases, automotive, diesel fuels, jet engine fuels, vacuum gas oil, heating oil, fuel oil, marine fuel, petroleum cokes, technical sulfur, paraxylene, benzene, etc. To date, the plant is the only producer of petrochemical products in Kazakhstan.

The company makes a significant contribution to the economy of Atyrau region, being one of the largest taxpayers in the region.

To date, the plant's power supply scheme has two 35 kV voltage class systems (powered by Atyrau CHP) in parallel operation with the plant's own 30 MW and 220 kV thermal power plant (powered by "PS-220 Atyrau" KEGOC JSC) for the new part of the plant (PAH and PGPN complexes). The old part of the plant is balanced by two sources of power supply, which forms a high level of reliability and absence of accidents. The new part of the plant has only one power supply source and has no standby source.


In order to ensure the energy reliability of the enterprise, AOR LLP intends to establish cooperation with a company with a positive reputation and extensive technical experience in the construction and operation of a gas turbine power plant.

2. Scope of design and investment work for a potential Partner

a.      Providing a highly qualified project management team with in-depth expertise in relation to the construction and operation of a gas turbine power plant.

b.     Integrated design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and related infrastructure required to generate 154 MW/h of                 

        electric  energy and steam (10-60 t/h, 12 ata, 270-300 ℃).

c.      Construction of a water pipeline and a gas pipeline to meet the needs of the GTPP.

d.     Reservation for future planned facilities near AOR LLP of electric energy 5-15mW*h.



3. Scope of work on the project for AOR

a.      Provision of a land plot in Atyrau region for the placement of structures and other infrastructure necessary for the generation of electric and thermal energy.

b.     Obtaining (or assisting in obtaining) all required regulatory approvals required for the construction and operation of a 154 MW gas turbine power plant.

c.      Ensuring payment and continued demand for electric and thermal energy.


4. Invitation for a partnership offer of cooperation:

We hereby invite interested organizations to provide AOR LLP with a comprehensive package of cooperation documentation by September 1, 2023, which includes the following:


a.      Statement of interest in cooperation on the 154 MW GTPP project.

b.     Description of the legal entity acting as a Partner, including a description of work experience demonstrating the availability of financial and technical capabilities for the design, construction and operation of a gas turbine power plant.

c.      A detailed description of the implementation of the business relations of the project under the scheme "Design-construction-ownership-operation-maintenance" with the sale of electric and thermal energy of AOR LLP.

d.     Designated contact persons from among the management responsible for further negotiations with NC KazMunayGas JSC and AOR LLP.

e.      Any other elements of cooperation that are important.



5. Appendices

a.       The current power supply scheme of AOR LLP

b.      The proposed scheme of the project

c.       Proposed gas supply scheme

d.      The proposed layout of the GTPP and water supply

e.       Preliminary schedule of GTPP implementation.

Appendix A

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Appendix B

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Appendix C

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Appendix D

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Appendix E
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Nursultan Galymzhanov

Leading Specialist of the technical sector

Department of Technical Development

NC KazMunayGas JSC

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( phone: +7 (7172) 78 9073

( mobile: +7 (701) 773 7083

Nurgali Nurgaliyev

Leading Heating Engineer

Department of the Chief Power Engineer


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( Business: +7 (7122) 259 5 23

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