In connection with the frequent cases of potential frauds using the name of Atyrau Refinery Limited Liability Partnership (the Partnership), as well as with the falsification of data and use of incorrect details, the Partnership informs as follows:
To date, fraud have been identified, such as sending illegitimate letters with commercial offers with spoofing of an email address . When sending phishing and fraudulent emails, the address or domain name of the intended sender is often falsified and similar domains are substituted – usually in order to gain access to confidential data. In fraudulent messages, it is proposed to provide commercial information, call the specified phone number, click on the link or open the attached file.
Signs of Fake Email:

-Trying to create a false sense of urgency.
Scammers claim that the account will be at risk if urgent measures are not taken.

-Fake links to phishing sites under the name of real organizations that can cause damage.
Before clicking on the link, you need to make sure that the URL is legitimate. If the link looks suspicious, don't click on it.

- Please contact by an alternative method of communication or by another e-mail address (for example,

In case of fraudulent actions, feedback is often asked to be provided through alternative communication channels or to send a reply letter to other postal addresses.
If you have received a letter with the above characteristics, we strongly recommend that you do not click on active links and do not send confidential data to unverified sources – in order to avoid leakage of confidential data and ensure information security.
We also note that Atyrau Refinery LLP does not send commercial offers via e-mail, which is intended only for incoming correspondence.

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