Made in Kazakhstan: Atyrau Refinery started production of ALTAY-45 winter diesel oil


Atyrau Refinery has expanded the range of products. In January 2021, the plant produced the first batch of Altay-45 winter diesel fuel with a maximum pour point of minus 45˚С.

Diesel fuel DT-A-K5 Altay -45, manufactured according to ST LLP 403 19154-38-2020, was produced at the Prime D 3205 diesel hydrotreater of the Deep Oil Refining Complex. The new product meets K5 emission standards.

The minimum sulfur content and the absence of additives that improve low-temperature properties make the product consistent with the quality of Arctic diesel fuel. It should be noted that Atyrau Refinery became the first enterprise in the country to produce fuel with a record low freezing point.

The first batch of new diesel fuel will be produced in a small volume to cover the demand on the domestic market. In the future, as the demand increases, the volume of Altay -45 diesel fuel shipment will be increased.

In 2019, Atyrau Refinery LLP began production of Khazar-38 diesel fuel, which had the lowest-temperature at that time in Kazakhstan. Thus, with the start of production of Altay -45, the plant continued the to produce frost-resistant diesel products with low filterability temperatures.

The production of high-quality low-temperature types of diesel fuel became possible after the commissioning of new units built as part of the 3-stage modernization of Atyrau Refinery.

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