Atyrau Refinery’s gasoline complies with EU standards


The product has passed a full quality assessment procedure for chemicals and their mixtures intended for import into the European Union market, with the issuance of a REACH certificate

According to the REACH regulation, almost any chemical substance that is produced or imported into the EU in quantities exceeding 1 ton per year must be registered. Thus, REACH certification is an important step in the development of export opportunities for a Kazakhstani enterprise, which is now a registered importer of gasoline for the Eurozone countries.

Aromatic hydrocarbons produced by Atyrau Refinery - benzol and paraxylene - passed REACH certification in April 2020. Accordingly, gasoline became the third product of the enterprise that complies with European quality standards.

Receiving the REACH certificate was preceded by a lot of preparatory work on organizing the procedure for assessing the compliance of gasoline with European requirements, providing information on all issues related to REACH certification, registering Atyrau Refinery with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), preparing registration documents in accordance with ECHA procedures, etc.

The REACH certificate opens the door for Atyrau gasoline to the market of all countries of the European Union, since the document is recognized throughout the Eurozone and certified products can freely circulate within the EU.

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