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In the period from 9 to 13 November 2015 professional development course on the topic: "Preparation of mechanics -engineers on the basics of vibration technology" for engineers - mechanics of all workshop and productions of the refinery was organized by the Department of personnel training of workforce management, together with a service of chief mechanic on the basis of training center.

          The course was prepared by “Diamekh-Astana” LLP with involvement as a teacher of the chief specialist of stationary control systems of vibrations of the “Diamekh-2000” company (Moscow) Mikhail Kipin. Organizational support of the course was provided by the director of stationary control systems of vibrations A.N. Guzeev.

           Michael Kipin – is highly qualified specialist with extensive practical experience at the oil refinery, as well as  experience of the expert of system diagnostic equipment.

           In accordance with the program there were discussed concepts vibration and oscillation, their differences, the relationship between wear and vibration, influence of an operating mode, fastenings of the unit on vibration, forecasting technical condition of the unit on vibration and many other questions. The training was conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. During the training photos of correct or incorrect installation of the equipment and assemblies in enterprises were being demonstrated and ways of the correct installation for reduction of vibration of the equipment were being suggested. Listeners of the course took active part in discussion of program questions, asked their practical questions.

           After completion of the training a control of knowledge of the listeners (output control), which showed a very good level of achievement of students in studied material was held, with subsequent issuance of certificates. Each listener received a material on an electronic medium (disk) that can be used as a theoretical assistance.

          A teacher noted the high level of theoretical and practical readiness of listeners of the course, who, in turn, positively have evaluated this training and they are very pleased with their professional development, as well as they highly  appreciate a professionalism of the teacher.

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