Working visit of state inspector of Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ermek Alpysov on Atyrau region


During the working visit to Atyrau region state inspector of Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ermek Alpysov visited Atyrau refinery on November 23 of this year. General Director of the refinery Kairat Urazbaev met an honorable guest.

         Familiarization with an activity of the refinery began with the visit of technological units. In his speech Kairat Urazbaev noted that at the refinery two stages of modernization were successfully implemented. The first stage was marked by a production of motor petrol of the class K-2 and diesel fuel of the class K-3, 4 and the refinery reached a new level of environmental safety.

        Completion of the first stage of reconstruction is marked by the introduction of technologies of hydrodesulphurization with processing dedicated sulfur into marketable product, reconstruction of treatment facilities of the refinery, modernization of the overpass dark petroleum products, construction of a new flare system. As a result of a commissioning of technological units a volume and rate of production of socially significant oil products were increased, and the share of high-octane gasoline of the total volume was increased, production of environmentally clean diesel fuel and diesel fuel without additives was adjusted, production of aviation fuel due to additional volumes of aviation kerosene mixtures was increased.

        Only the first stage of reconstruction of the refinery positive has affected the environmental performance. In spite of the annual increase in the volume of oil refining an emissions of sulfurous anhydride into the atmosphere are reduced; a discharges of main pollutants - oil product with wastewater on pond evaporator and a discharges of phenol are reduced from 3.71 tons / year in 2002 to 0, 063 tons / year in 2014. A water intake from the river Ural (only superficial water source in the region) is decreased - from 10.3 mln. M3 / year in 2004 to 4.63 million. M3 / year in 2014, and at the same time the volume of internal production of water rotation is increased.

           To ensure an environmental safety of the region in economic activity of the enterprise the following types of hazardous and poisonous substances: ammonia, tetraethyl lead, manganese octane additives (such as "Hi-tech"), sulfuric acid are excluded from the application.

           Also general director of the Atyrau Refinery K. Urazbaev told about the project "Construction of the complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons" and at the same time, he drew attention of the state inspector Ermek Alpysova to the factor that the refinery has highly qualified specialists with unique experience in the construction of technological objects on the current production and that at the refinery extensive work on training specialists for new production is carried out.

          State Inspector E. Alpysov had a keen interest in only constructed installations of catalytic reforming CCR, and complex for production of aromatic hydrocarbons. He also visited the construction sites of deep refining complex. He  asked questions relating to a selection of the general contractor of construction, cost of projects, quality and volume of production, its cost issues of personnel training, benefits package of  refinery workers.

          For all questions K. Urazbaev gave exhaustive answers. At the end of the visit state inspector E.Alpysovna  were presented books and the CD with the  film about the Atyrau refinery. 

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