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Atyrau Refinery, which is part of NC KazMunayGas JSC group, has launched the production and shipment of Khazar, frost-resistant diesel fuel with a maximum filterability temperature of minus 38C.

“Given the harsh winters in many regions of Kazakhstan, such fuel will be in huge demand among domestic consumers. The first batch was shipped from Atyrau Refinery on November 14, 3088 tons have been shipped so far. In total, Atyrau Refinery has planned to ship 3,500 tons in November,” said Daniyar Tiyesov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NC KazMunayGas JSC for oil refining and marketing.

Diesel fuel Khazar -38 is a unique product for the plant and the whole of Kazakhstan. It corresponds to K5 emission standard, that is, it has a minimum content of sulfur and paraffins, and does not contain additives that affect low-temperature properties - it is a pure product of the technological process.

Such a low-solidifying fuel is produced in Kazakhstan only at Prime D unit for hydrotreating and dewaxing diesel fuel of the Deep Oil Refining Complex.

At the end of 2018, Atyrau Refinery produced several types of new petroleum products: diesel fuel with MFT -25C K5 emission standard and diesel fuel with MFT -32 (Khazar). This became possible thanks to the launch of new units of the Deep Oil Refining Complex, built as part of a large-scale modernization. Thus, today Atyrau Refinery has the ability to produce the following types of winter diesel fuels: diesel fuel with MFT -15C, with MFT -25C, with MFT -32C, with MFT -38C.

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