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More than 200 white swans with the young nest at the wastewater storage pond-evaporator field of Atyrau Refinery LLP. This was announced by Valery Shatilov, head of water supply and wastewater disposal facilities of Enertek LLP (contractor of Atyrau Refinery).

According to him, a maximum of 25 swans flew here for the summer in previous years, and this year their number has increased significantly. According to the expert, this is due to the improvement of the ecological situation in the fields, as well as the increased growth of yellow algae - duckweed, which is an excellent food for the birds. According to V. Shatilov, analysis of plants revealed the presence of small crustaceans in it, which are also nutritious food for wild birds. The specialist noted that the duckweed begins to grow only in an ecologically clean water environment.

In addition to swans, the pond is also home to coot ducks, glossy ibis listed in the Red Books of Russia and Kazakhstan, and waders. Families of wild boars, hares, foxes and even wolves are also seen in the reed thickets. According to ecologists, the good state of the biological diversity of the evaporation field is a consequence of the constant work of Atyrau Refinery to improve the water treatment system and control both the content of discharges, so that they meet the standards, and groundwater, as well as the state of the embankment of the pond. In addition, the perimeter of the pond itself is a specially protected area, and guards can monitor the area from observation towers located there.

Since 2019, Atyrau Refinery LLP has been implementing the TAZALYQ treatment facilities modernization project, which includes reconstruction of mechanical and biological treatment facilities, as well as a sewage drainage channel and reclamation of evaporation fields.

At present, the wastewater storage area, which has been in operation since 1945, has an area of ​​27 sq. km, and 15 sq. km. of which is used by the plant.

Besides Atyrau Refinery, the following enterprises located on the left-bank part of Atyrau dispose of wastewater to this evaporation field: KGP Atyrau Su Arnasy, Atyrau CHP JSC, Industrial Park Mangystau LLP, etc.

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