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Atyrau Refinery managed to save 22.5 million tenge thanks to the implementation of two projects based on the Lean 6 Sigma lean production methodology.

In particular, the annual economic effect from the implementation of the project "Optimization of the reagent treatment of the flotation and flocculation unit (FFU) of the biological treatment plant of the Water supply and sewerage facilities" amounted to 18.6 million tenge from October 2017 to September 2018.

This project was developed by the "Green Belt" team of Turarbek Nugmanov - the leading engineer of the maintenance department (Department of maintenance and repair of equipment).

“In the course of the project, the quality indicators and the volume of waste water were collected and analyzed, they are supplied with reagents - flocculant and coagulant. The optimal consumption of reagents is determined, at which there is no negative effect on the quality indicators of waste water. The analysis of the project made it possible to reduce the consumption of the reagent by an average of 20%,” says Farida Bigaliyeva, engineer of the technical department of the enterprise, Green Belt Lean 6 Sigma.

These reagents are needed to bind and then remove pollutants from the plant’s wastewater.

Thus, with a decrease in the consumption of reagents, the quality of waste water did not decrease.

The second project, introduced in January 2018, is "Optimization of the temperature regime of the K-1 column of the ELOU-AT-2 unit aimed at reducing fuel consumption in the P-1/2 furnaces." Its author is Vasily Obraztsov, the engineer for the preparation of production of ORDDP (oil refining and deep desulfurization of petroleum products), "Green Belt". The economic effect from the moment of implementation amounted to 3.9 million tenge. The project has achieved its goal of reducing fuel consumption in these furnaces.

It is worth noting that in total 9 projects developed by Lean 6 Sigma Green Belts have been implemented at Atyrau Refinery. The above are type I projects, that is, they affect the direct costs of the enterprise, which are directly reflected in the budget.

For the implementation of Lean 6 Sigma projects in production, five "Green Belts" and their teams (a total of 23 employees of Atyrau Refinery) were financially rewarded for a total of 5,237,778 tenge. By the way, the amount of material remuneration depends on the economic effect of the project following the results of 12 months.

The Lean 6 Sigma methodology was introduced at Atyrau Refinery in 2016. It is based on statistical analysis tools to see opportunities for process improvement. The goal of Lean 6 Sigma projects is to develop and implement solutions to significant problems (deviations in process indicators, losses, increased costs, etc.), which, as a result, should lead to optimization of process indicators with an economic effect and without involving financial investments.

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