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Atyrau Refinery switched to the production of diesel fuel of K4 and K5 emission standards (analogs of Euro-4, Euro-5) and from January 1, 2018 began shipping products.

As we previously reported, during the overhaul of the diesel section of combined gasoline and diesel fuel hydrotreating unit, the catalysts in the hydrotreating and dewaxing reactors of diesel fuels were replaced with the latest catalysts of the process licensor of the UOP company (USA).

As a result of the replacement of catalysts, the sulfur content in hydrotreated diesel fuel has been reduced to 2-3 ppm *, while the norm for K5 standard is no more than 10 ppm, and for K4 standard is no more than 50 ppm.

In addition, during the period of preparation for the transition to the production of products following new fuel standards at the facilities of Atyrau Refinery LLP, a significant set of measures was taken in relation to the flushing of existing pipeline systems, oil product loading systems, the cleanliness of the refinery's tank farms, pilot batches of K4 diesel fuel were developed and K5, quality passports for products were issued.

Declarations on the conformity of the plant's products to new environmental requirements have been registered in the state authorized bodies.

The plant also made high demands on the organizations involved in the transportation of products and the supply of tanks for loading, associated with new approaches to washing tanks and their cleanliness. Similar technical measures must be taken without fail at the tank farms of oil depots and gas stations.

The diesel fuel produced by Atyrau Refinery has high performance indicators and is also characterized by a high level of environmental friendliness, in particular, it reduced the amount of harmful substances during the operation of motor vehicles.

* note - ppm - concentration unit, ppm (engl. Partspermillion - parts per million). Similar in meaning to percentage or ppm. It is designated by the abbreviation ppm (from the English partspermillion, it reads "pi-pi-em" - "parts per million").

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