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On December 6, 2016, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in a traditional nationwide teleconference. 23 projects of the Industrialization Map were presented there.

Present on-line he Head of State launched production at a number of facilities, as well as the construction of projects which are part of the country's industrialization. During the teleconference, Galimzhan Amanturlin, General Director of Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP, reported to the Head of State on the progress of a deep oil refining complex construction. Nurlan Nogayev, Akim of Atyrau region, took part in the event.

“Following your instructions, we have completed the first stage of modernization of the plant – and commissioned an aromatics production complex! At present, implementing the second stage "Construction of a deep oil refining complex" is in the active phase. Implementing the project will eliminate the shortage of high-octane gasoline and jet fuel in the domestic market, improve the quality of manufactured products, and reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Next year we will receive feedstock for the catalytic cracking unit” said Galimzhan Amanturlin.

The construction is part of the State Program for Forced Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan. In December 2012, the "DORC construction" investment project entered the stage of practical implementation. The volume of investments is 530 billion tenge. It is projected to increase the capacity of secondary processes by 2.4 million tons per year, the depth of oil refining from 62 to 84%, the yield of light oil products from 48 to 77%, and the volume of oil refining will also increase to 5.5 million tons per year.

At the moment, 12 process units and 49 off-site facilities are on a intensive construction phase. 46 companies are involved in the construction, including 42 Kazakhstani and 4 foreign companies. 1,656 workers are employed at construction sites. 1 246 out of 1 345 units of large-sized equipment have already been delivered to the plant. Kazakhstani companies that took part in manufacturing and supply of equipment: "Belkamit" LLP (reactors, tanks, columns); "SVKHI" LLP (tanks, chimney for reaction furnaces); "Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine Building Plant" JSC (tanks); AtyrauNefteMash LLP (hoppers - containers for catalyst weighing 404 tons each); "GMMOS" LLP (tanks). Installing metal structures and technological pipelines is in progress, the laying of engineering networks is almost complete. Personnel to be working at the DORC has already been recruited.

The project "Construction of a gas processing unit at Atyrau Refinery" is very significant, because it is aimed at improving the environmental quality of the plant's products, rational use of valuable oil raw materials and increasing the environmental safety of production. After the implementation of the Project, Atyrau Refinery will significant increase the production of motor gasoline, aviation fuel and liquefied gas, the project will also allow the aromatic hydrocarbons production to reach its maximum capacity, the entire range of petroleum products will meet the requirements of K-4, K-5 emission standards of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

A very important project for the country. With today's not very engaging energy prices, oil and gas processing is our main goal, Nursultan Nazarbayev said, addressing the workers of the Atyrau oil refinery. “This is the main point of the country's industrialization - to process the raw materials that we have. Your plant is the largest and most expensive project. And we will definitely bring it to the end, as we want, and the second stage too. Further we will deal with petrochemistry in the Atyrau region as well. Thank you. I wish you success,” the Head of State noted.

Nurlan Nogayev, the akim of Atyrau region, also expressed his gratitude to the plant workers. - 23 projects that were presented today will contribute to the development of the country's independence. Huge investments have been made into these projects; highly qualified specialists will work at the new enterprises. I wish you to always remain at your best and successfully do your job, - said the head of the region.

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