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Based on the order of the Deputy General Director for Production - Chief Engineer D. Kozyrev, a laboratory information management system - LIMS Labware (LIMS) was put into test operation on October 24, 2016.

Its implementation is part of introducing the MES system at the plant. Using this system in our enterprise provides several advantages in organizing the production. For example, it will be possible to keep track of any test results, or set of tests at any stage, which includes receiving an application for testing, sampling, information on the condition, point and time of sampling and the amount of the product, receiving the sample in the laboratory, distributing the sample among the laboratories, up to the point of specifying the room, equipment, method and normative document the test was based on (set of tests), as well as the responsible for the test specialist and the person who confirmed the compliance of the result. Information at all stages will be entered into the system. Employees with access to viewing information can follow the progress of the tests, specific results fr om a set of tests and compliance of the product with the declared properties. The system already has the specifications limits for all products and indicators, and in the near future it is planned to introduce full texts of regulatory documents. At the main stages, the entered information goes to the MES system independently of the personnel based on the integration scheme of both systems. Some parameters, on the contrary, will be obtained from MES by LIMS. That is, all interested plant services and the analytical system of the KMG-PM dispatch center will be able to quickly and efficiently receive reliable information. All employees' workplaces are equipped with computers for this. 38 main instruments with a large number of parameters (chromatographs) are connected directly to the system for data exchange. All employees have multilevel, limited access to the system, depending on their task. This was done in order to eliminate errors, clutter up the workplace and lim it powers.

In our opinion, another advantage of the system is also important: it is the analysis of the data obtained for any period of work, for almost any indicator. In other words, a huge database of products, properties, reagents, results for all tests, in general, and separately, can be used for statistical calculations and forecasting for the purposes of interested departments of the plant.

The reliability of the information is achieved through a multi-level verification of the test. The system includes all equipment parameters, maintenance schedules, equipment and measuring instruments verification, quality, availability, properties and shelf life of reagents, personnel qualifications, and, as mentioned above, specification parameters, the number of parallel tests and an assessment of the reproducibility of results according to the method used. The ILC (internal laboratory control) block is provided. Without carrying out all the above procedures, the result will not be certified by the system, the result can be viewed and accepted, but the system will indicate the reasons why the result cannot be considered 100% reliable.

Implementing the system's functionality was preceded by almost a year's painstaking work of the laboratory staff and the contractor. To complete the third stage and switch to test mode, 6 employees of Labware and Technolink developers came to the enterprise for two weeks. They conducted simultaneous, intensive, practical training of various groups of personnel, managers, engineers, laboratory assistants of all laboratories in two classrooms specially equipped for this purpose. A huge amount of information, calculations, parameters, data, control schedules, standards, etc. have been entered into the system. Based on the results of the third stage, it was decided that it was possible to test the system t to eliminate defects, followed by a short trial operation period, and from the beginning of 2017, in the absence of major shortcomings, the system is be put into commercial operation.

We thank the management of the enterprise, as well as the information technology department as a whole, and its head Elmira Orynbasarova personally, the department of the chief metrologist, IPE IT KBTU LLP for allocating funds for training young specialists, giving advice on various issues, and in general for help and assistance in the implementation of the system.

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