Deep oil refining complex

1.jpg The project of construction of the deep refining complex – is the final stage of the modernization of the Atyrau Refinery. Implementation of the project "Construction of the DRC at the Atyrau Refinery" is conducted within the framework of implementation of the measures, envisaged by the State Program for Industrial-Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014, approved Technical Regulation on the requirements for emissions of harmful substances of vehicles, produced into circulation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The strategic objective of the investment plan is to organize a modern technical base at the operating enterprise - "Atyrau Refinery" LLP for production of high-quality oil products,  that meet international standards and petrochemical raw materials for development of national production. The cardinal solution of problems to increase the depth of oil processing at the Atyrau Refinery is due to the introduction of the secondary processes, providing the additional depth of processing (coking, vacuum unit AVT-3), and also it is due to the introduction of the basic process of deep  refining, such as catalytic cracking.

Within the implementation of the DRC it is provided for construction of 14 modern technological facilities.

Licensing  agreements is signed with the companies 'Axens' "(France)," UOP "(UK),« Foster Wheeler »(Italy) and JSC "Omskneftehimproekt "(Russia). Public hearings were held in the section "Environmental impact assessment" of the DRC project.

The project "Construction of the DRC" aims at improving the environmental quality of fuel products of the refinery, efficient use of valuable petroleum feedstock and increasing environmental safety. The presented results of the environmental impact assessment demonstrate that the projected level of impact on the environment does not exceed normative, engineering and technological solutions of the project and selected option of placement of the objects correspond to the ecological requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and allow to provide the minimum impact on the environment and human health.

The technical level of solutions meets to the latest achievements of science and technology and provides for the use of advanced technologies.

The participants of the project "Construction of the DRC" are Sovereign Wealth Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC, NC "KazMunayGas" JSC, "KazMunaiGaz - Refining and Marketing" JSC, "Atyrau Refinery" LLP and OJSC “Omskneftehimproekt” (Russia).

The contract for construction of the deep refining complex (DRC) on a "turnkey" was signed on December 29, 2011between the "Atyrau Refinery" LLP and the Consortium, which included «Sinopec Engineering" (China), «Marubeni Corporation» (Japan) and JSC "OGCC KazStroyService" (RK). «Sinopec Engineering" company acts as a leader of the consortium on this project. «Marubeni Corporation» company organizes funding from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, as well as participates in the procurement and logistics. JSC "OGCC KazStroyService" will participate in construction and carrying out the local procurement under the leadership of the company «Sinopec Engineering». Implementation period – is 41 months. The construction will be completed in 2016.

This complex is designed to process 2 million 400 thousand tons of raw materials (oil, vacuum gas oil) per year. The DRC will increase production of high octane gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel.

During the processing of 5.5 million tons per year Atyrau Refinery annually will produce 1 million 745 thousand tons of gasoline, 1.64 million tons of diesel fuel, 244 thousand tons of aviation kerosene. Oil production will be reduced to 193 thousand tons. All motor fuels will meet the Euro-5 standard.

The share of local content in the purchase of the equipment is 16% or 130 273 637 US dollars, materials - 18% or 6,530,356 US dollars, works (services) - 35%, or 290 290 887 US dollars.

Since December 2011 in the framework of the project "Construction of the deep refining complex" the works on preparation of the building sites are held on the territory of the Atyrau Refinery.

In December 2012 the investment project "Construction of the DRC at the Atyrau Refinery" entered the stage of practical implementation, and now there is an intense pace.

Funding scheme:

Cost of the project – is 1 billion 679 892 000 520 US dollars with VAT.

The following loan agreements are signed in order to finance the contract on construction of the DRC at the Atyrau Refinery №1477-11 dated 29 December 2011 on the "turn-key" basis with the Consortium of Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd., Marubeni Corporation and JSC "OGCC KazStroyService" and to pay commissions for arranging loans and insurance premiums:

  • Agreement on the provision of consumer credit from the Export-Import Bank of China №BLA201201 dated June 06, 2012 in the amount of 1,130,408,642 US dollars.

  • The loan agreement with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the financial institutions-participants dated August 8, 2012 in the amount of 297 500 000 US dollars.
  • The bank loan agreement with the JSC "Kazakhstan Development Bank" №DBZI 241-E / 05-01 dated 17 August 2012 in the amount of 251,983,878 US dollars.
  • Agreement on the provision of loan from the JSC "KazMunaiGaz - Refining and Marketing» №254-2012 dated July 27, 2012, №379-2012 dated 13 November 2012 and 457-2012 dated 29 December 2012 in the total amount of 20 790 000 000 tenge

Key indicators of the project DRC:

1. The cost of construction under the contract "turnkey" – is $ 1 680 million (including VAT).

2. Increase of the depth of processing – is  up to 84% by reducing the production of heavy fuel oil, as the low value of the product from 37% to 6.71% and increase of the yield of light oil products by 77%, as well as the exclusion of low-grade production of gasoline RON80 and white spirit.

The main products of the Atyrau Refinery LLP after implementation of the project DRC:

  • Gasoline - "Regular-92" -716.95 thousand tons / year

  • Gasoline "Premium 95" -868.04 thousand tons / year
  • Gasoline "Super-98" -22.50 thousand tons / year
  • Jet-fuel 244,00 thousand tons / year
  • Diesel fuel -1 640,00 thousand tons / year
  • Paraxylene - 497,00 thousand tons / year.

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